Best Carpenter Ant Killers

Few pests can cause a much structural damage to your home or business as carpenter ants can. They burrow through wood and build their colonies deep inside the structure, causing massive damage and creating serious problems that can become incredibly expensive to deal with. We are going to show you how you can get rid of them by choosing the right products for the job.

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Why Are Carpenter Ants So Hard to Get Rid of?

These ants are so tough to get out of your home because they are so difficult to access. They can dig deep into the structure of your building, getting into hard-to-reach places. Even spray treatments have a hard time reaching as far into your property as these ants can get.

The ant queens can live for decades, according to pest control experts. That means that you can’t just expect them to die anytime soon. You have to actively do something about them or they will reproduce to such an extent that you may never be able to get rid of the infestation.

These are also pretty tough ants, as you might expect from something that can dig through wood. They can be resistant to conventional pest killers, and you may need something stronger than your average bug spray for getting rid of them.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Carpenter Ant Killer

We want you to buy the most effective carpenter ant killer that you can. That’s why when searching for the right product for the job, you should keep in mind:

  • Precise Spray- If you are using a spray to get rid of the ants, then you need something that can get into very small crevices and spread through their tunnels effectively. That means it will have to have precise spraying capabilities, since carpenter ants never get as big as a full inch.
  • Reaching the Nest- Your ant problem will never go away unless you deal with the nest effectively. Just killing the odd few and those ants that venture outside the nest won’t do anything to get rid of the core problem.  Getting control of the nest should be your top priority when trying to get rid of carpenter ants, and you need a product that can help you do that.
  • Safe for Your Family- Some ant killing products are so powerful that they are actually dangerous to be around for humans and pets alike. You want to be careful about what you are buying and where you are using it. Make sure you don’t get something that will leave behind a residue that could damage other inhabitants of your home. Check the safety guidelines included with the product to ensure it is safe for where you are going to use it.
  • Consider Bait- You may not be able to reach deep inside the tunnels that the carpenter ants have created in your home. No matter what product you use, it may not penetrate deep enough to target the nest and put an end to the problem. Instead, you may be better off with bait. This is something that ants will take with them into the nest and kill the other ants there. It can be the more effective option when you have an ant issue that is centered deep inside your walls and in other inaccessible places.

What to Avoid

There are some things and certain kinds of products you should avoid when you are buying an ant killer for dealing with carpenter ants:

  • Ineffective Treatments- There are a lot of ant killer products out there that just won’t be tough enough to get rid of carpenter ants. They may use weak chemicals or not account for how tough these critters are to exterminate, but make sure you read the reviews to find out if the products have been effective for other people.
  • Homemade Ant Killers- Most of these are simply not effective, they smell bad or they are dangerous in some form or another. While some people can make effective ant killers at home that work well and are safe, there is too much that can go wrong with this method, so be careful about trying to make your own.
  • Short-Term Effects- Some ant killers are meant to be applied only once while continuing to kill ants for a long time afterwards. Others need to be sprayed every day for a while to be effective. If you can, go for the ant killing products that provide long-lasting effects and avoid those that only last for a few hours.
  • Slow Acting- Some pest control products take a long time to work. You may be okay with that, but keep in mind that the longer these pests are alive, the more likely they are to be able to get away from whatever you applied to get rid of them. The faster the treatment method works, the more effective it will be.

Product Reviews: Our Top 5 Best Rated Carpenter Ant Killers

We want to show you a few of the best carpenter ant killing solutions on the market today. Hopefully, one of these will prove to be just what you need to get rid of your ant problem.


Demise Fire Ant and Insect Killer


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This is a great treatment method to deal with ants that you can see. Even though it is labeled for dealing with fire ants, it will work against pretty much any type of ant or insect it will come in contact with. It kills ants pretty much on contact though, drastically dehydrating them until they die. This is why it may not be as effective in dealing with the ants nest. The ants will probably die before they reach the nest. If you know where the nest is, then you can apply this product close by. Chances are that ants will then be able to make it back to the nest and spread this pesticide there.

It works for a while too, effectively treating the area you use it on for as long as eight months. Application is very easy, allowing you to spread as little or as much as you want.


  • Very potent.
  • Kills ants quickly.
  • Last for up to eight months.


  • Short range effects. Will kill ants on contact, which means that it may not be carried back to the nest.
  • Leaves some residue behind.

Bugs R Done Fly, Cockroach and Ant Killer


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Here is one of the safest bug sprays available that can work on carpenter ants. It is actually designed to be safe to use near your children or pets and even near food products, yet it manages to do a decent job of killing the ants. It also works on a variety of ants and other pests, making it a great all-purpose insecticide for use anywhere on your property.


  • No unpleasant smells or staining.
  • Safe to use around your house and even near food.
  • Contains natural components.


  • Not as effective as other pest control products.
  • Doesn’t last for long.

Zodiac 100521158 Room Fogger

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This powerful fogger can clear any room of ants quickly, and it is a great tool for getting deep into the ants’ nest. Be careful about where you use it though. It can leave a lingering scent and residue that is hazardous for pets and small children, yet it is one of the most effective carpenter ant killers available. That’s the tradeoff you make for something that works so well.


  • Very effective at killing ants.
  • Can penetrate deep to get to the ant nest.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Can be hazardous to your health.
  • Leaves a chemical residue.

Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger5

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By using this fogger, you can save some money, but it is not as effective as some other kinds of fogging ant killers. That makes it a bit safer and makes it something you can use with less worries, but you still need to be careful about how well you clean up afterwards. It can leave a chemical residue behind as well, which is great for killing ants that the initial fogger didn’t get but not so great for your family.


  • Doesn’t take long to clear out.
  • Kills fairly effectively.
  • Does not stain.


  • Not safe for animals and small children.
  • Still uses harsh chemicals, even though it is one of the safer foggers.

TERRO T901-6 Ant Killer Plus

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If you want some effective perimeter control, then this is a great product to use. You can spread it around the edges of your property to keep ants and other insects out. It will kill them, but it takes some time to do so, as it is not as fast-working as the other products we have listed here.

It is fairly safe though, and is very easy to use, so depending on your circumstances this may be a great option for you. Just don’t expect it to kill every single ant.


  • Kills a variety of insects.
  • Can be used to prevent insects from entering your home.
  • Convenient to use.


  • Kills insects slowly.
  • Doesn’t last for very long.

Final Thoughts

The above list has some of the best solutions on the market today for  clearing out the carpenter ant infestation in your home. These pesky insects may have gotten the best of you for a while, but it’s time to claim your house back! Remember, that depending on where you live in, some local ant colonies may have developed resistance to certain chemicals. Therefore, if one product doesn’t work, just try another one. Eventually you will get rid or those carpenter ants, for a ant-free home.

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