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If you have outside animals, then you may have had to deal with fleas in your yard before. It’s a different problem to tackle than trying to fog out a roomful of pests. There are specific products that you should be using for outdoor flea killing that aren’t really suitable for indoor use, and we’ll be covering those here for you.

Considerations When Buying Yard Flea Killer

It needs to kill cocooning fleas- You can use a common insecticide to get rid of adult fleas, but it’s best to take further measures if you want to fully eliminate all the fleas and ensure that they don’t come back. You need a flea killer product that takes care of the cocooning fleas and the ones that have not hatched yet. You should look specifically for those types of promises on the product you plan to buy,

Choose what’s right for your environment- You also want to make sure that the flea killer you get is appropriate for your property. Do you have small children that play there regularly or very small cats or dogs? Some flea killers are going to be too potent for them, and you may need to go with something less powerful, even if it means spraying in multiple sessions to get the job done.

There may be cleanup involved- Flea killer can leave behind residue, and you need to ensure that what you use is safe for your outdoor furniture, patio and other items. You may also want to examine what kind of cleanup process is required after you use it, as that can be a big hassle to deal with.

Buy a flea dip- Be sure to get rid of the fleas on your pets first. A flea dip is always a good idea before you fog or spray for fleas.

Product Reviews

It’s time to look at the products that we think will help you get rid of the fleas in your yard. These are the ones that have proven to be the most effective and safest and that offer the best value for consumers.

Wondercide Flea and Tick Yard Spray

This one stands out for using safe, natural ingredients instead of the harsher chemicals used by its competition. If you are concerned about how flea killer products will affect your kids and pets, then this may be the way to go.

It is specially formulated to kill fleas in any part of their life cycle- from eggs to adults. You can even use it to get rid of beetles and snakes, so it’s great for your garden as well as the surrounding yard.


  • All natural
  • No awful lingering chemical smell
  • Kills the entire life cycle of fleas and ticks
  • Ideal for garden use


  • May not always be as effective as other brands with stronger chemicals

Black Flag Extreme Flea Killer Plus Growth Regulator

This product provides long-lasting protection, keeping your yard safe for up to seven months. It does this by targeting not just the adult fleas but also the eggs to ensure no new fleas will be hatching. It is ready to use as soon as you open it, with an attached spray nozzle that makes it easy to spread everywhere in your yard. It also kills more than just fleas, taking out all sorts of common yard insects.

One of the best aspects about this particular flea killer is that it doesn’t leave an unpleasant lingering odor. That’s problem a lot of these have, but not the Black Flag Extreme. It also dries up quickly, but weather conditions will affect how fast that occurs.


  • Stays effective for a long time
  • Easy to use, comes ready to spray
  • Nothing to clean up
  • No smell to deal with


  • Some customers complain it is can be affected by harsh weather conditions

SENTRY HOME Flea and Tick Yard and Premise Spray

SENTRY HOME’s flea killer will only last for eight weeks, so you will need to spray it every so often to keep the fleas at bay. However, it does get rid of both the adult fleas and their eggs, so if you spray thoroughly, you may not need to use it more than once.

This flea killer product requires you to hook it up to a hose. So as long as you have an outdoor hose setup, that should not be a problem. As with most similar yard sprays, you need to wait until it is dry to let your children and pets back into the yard.


  • Safe for yards with small and sensitive animals
  • Kills adult fleas and eggs


  • Doesn’t last very long, compared to other yard sprays

Black Flag Flea Killer HG-11095

For a much more compact product that is ideal for smaller areas, you can try this variation of Black Flag. It’s as powerful and concentrated as their other flea killers but packaged in a small, more portable bottle for easier use. It’s only going to be effective for up to 4 weeks, and while that may not seem like much, you have to keep in mind that you are spraying it in the yard where the chemicals can be washed away fairly easily. It is advised not to water your yard very much to make the chemicals more effective.


  • Very easy to use
  • More portable than other similar products


  • Dissipates quickly
  • Not much solution in a single bottle

Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer for Soil and Turf Granules

This product isn’t made specifically for fleas, but it kills them just as well as any other insect in your yard. It will get rid of insects on the surface, such as fleas, in a day or less. The ones under the ground will be protected against for as long as three months. This is the only product on this list that guarantees to attack bugs under the soil, so if you have more than just a flea problem, this is ideal.

It comes in a bag instead of a bottle with an attached nozzle, like other products here. You will have to spread it yourself, so it might not be as effective as the other flea killers that can spread on their own if your point them in the general direction.


  • Works above and under ground
  • Kills a variety of insects
  • Cheaper than similar products


  • Sometimes not as effective as other flea killers
  • Not resealable

Final Thoughts

Fleas in your yard can be a real nuisance. If you manage to stay clear of them while outside, they will eventually find a way into your home. This is why it is imperative you take care of any yard flea infestation ASAP. Just use one of the products we recommend. It will do the trick.

It is important to remember, that different homes may vary from one another – in weather conditions, the local fleas’ resilience to chemicals, etc. If a product you got didn’t get the job done, just try another one off this list. Eventually, you will find one that works, for a flea-free yard.


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