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Fleas are annoying insects that affect you, your pets and your whole family. They can hide easily and cling to people and animals that can track them all through your house.

You may not even realize you have fleas in your home until there is an infestation, and at that point, it can be tough to get rid of them.

We want to show you how you can find the right tools for this extermination or removal job. There are some sprays and powders that work better than others.

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Plus knowing how to sort the effective ones from the ones that are simply a waste of money can prove incredibly beneficial. Read on to make your home flea free!

Why Are Fleas So Hard to Get Rid of?

The main reason why you don’t even know you have fleas until they are a major problem is because they are so tiny. Experts suggest that you walk through carpeted areas with white socks on and rub your feet together as you walk.

This draws the fleas to you, and you may be able to spot the dark specks on your socks that are probably fleas much easier.

Once you know they are there, you can do something about them. However, they can still be tough to get rid of. Fleas are tough, and just because you can kill or repel the adult ones with various sprays, flea collars and other methods, doesn’t mean you are destroying the flea eggs.

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You may get rid of them for a few days, only to see them come back later. You might wonder what you did wrong, but most chances are that you didn’t kill the eggs.

In order to kill flea eggs, you have to buy a very effective flea killing spray or powder.

Then you need to vacuum the infested areas each day to remove dead fleas and their eggs and to get rid of live ones that may still be in the area.

Best Rated Flea Powder & Spray For Carpets Reviewed

Now that you have learned what to look for when you buy flea powders and sprays for your carpet, it’s time to look at the top picks for products you can buy right now. We picked these particular ones due to their quality and effectiveness.

Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus 3Lb Kills Roaches Kills Ants Odorless

You get a lot of flea killing power for the price tag with this product, and there is enough in a single container to treat up to five average-sized rooms. It’s made to be safe for kids and pets, and you can let them into the room as soon as you are done applying and cleaning up the powder. You’ll need to spread it very thin, as it contains incredibly small particles that can be used to lightly cover any area and still be very effective. Just be aware that this product can create a lot of dust when you apply it, so you want to wear a face mask and keep your pets away until you have cleaned it up completely.


  • Safe for your pets and kids.
  • Priced affordably.
  • You only need to use a small amount when you apply it.


  • May not work for bigger types of pests, but that’s only relevant if you’re looking for an all-arounder.


Best Flea Killer for Carpets: Adams Flea & Tick Carpet Powder 16oz

This one is even cheaper, and it works quite well at getting rid of fleas of any size or maturity level. It kills the adults, the eggs and the larvae. You’ll only be able to treat one or two decent-sized rooms with this small container, but it works very well for a localized problem.

It is so effective that you usually only need to apply it once for a full year of flea control. It also uses naturally sourced components for a safer, less toxic compound compared to what you get with most flea control products.


  • Price is low and is affordable.
  • Effective control for long periods of time.
  • Safe to use near pets and kids.


  • Not a 100% environment friendly.
  • Can take a while to clear up.

Flea and Tick Carpet and Pet Powder for Pets

If you have tried other flea control products and your’re disappointed by the awful smells they leave behind, then you may want to give this one a try. It has a lovely scent and uses natural ingredients like baking soda to get the job done.

That makes it fairly safe for your small children or house pets, but it still contains some manmade chemicals that can be slightly toxic. It only lasts for 30 days though. You may find that it works better than that for you, but don’t expect this to be as effective as some of the other options we have listed here.


  • Eco friendly Natural formula.
  • Easy to use.
  • Leaves behind a pleasant scent.


  • Takes time to see results.
  • Effective only for a short while compared to some of the other products.

Natural Care Flea and Tick Carpet Powder

This is one of the cheapest flea control products on the market today, and yet at the same time it is fairly effective. It’s not as effective as some of the other flea products we mentioned, and it uses mostly natural ingredients to get rid of fleas. That may make it problematic for serious infestations or for tough types of fleas. This is a great flea control product to use around your pets or small children though, and it won’t stain your carpet.


  • Chemical free.
  • Uses natural ingredients for a safe solution.
  • Does not stain.


  • You might need to apply multiple times.
  • Not as effective as some of the other options.

Best Flea Spray for Carpets: Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Pet & Home Spray

You can use this spray on your carpet or on your pet. You have to be careful to cover your carpet completely when you apply though, so that it will effectively get rid of the fleas. When applied all over the carpet, it will do its job well. It is designed to not stain, so it is safe for most carpets. This product is also made locally, so you can have some assurance about the quality and safety of the chemicals.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Safe to use practically anywhere.
  • Can be used on both pets and carpets.
  • Designed to not damage your carpet.


  • May not be effective enough for all pests.
  • Requires even application all over the carpet.
  • Needs to be reapplied regularly.

Enforcer 20-Ounce Flea Killer for Carpet, Ocean Breeze Fragrance

If you want a flea killer that works quickly and leaves no unpleasant lingering odors, then this is a great option for you. It works in about 30 minutes, killing all adult fleas, larvae and eggs in the area. Once you apply it, you can vacuum it up immediately, so it leaves nothing behind to hurt your pets or children.

It can be used for ticks as well, but you need to leave it on the carpet for much longer to get rid of them. You should be careful about opening and using this product though, as the containers are often not sealed well, leaving you a mess to clean up sometimes.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Can also be used to get rid of ticks.
  • Designed to be safe for anyone in your home.


  • Poor quality packaging.
  • May not always kill flea eggs.

Best Flea Spray for Furniture: Bio Spot Active Care Flea Powder

For something even faster, you can try this option by Bio Spot. It kills fleas as soon as it comes in contact with them, and it eliminates all flea life stages, even the eggs that other flea control products don’t get. Because it is so effective, though, it can be quite toxic.

You’ll want to get the kids and pets out of the house or into another room and use a face mask while you work to avoid breathing in the dust.


  • Very effective at killing fleas.
  • Works right away.
  • Even kills flea eggs.


  • Some toxic chemicals on the components list.

SERGEANT’S PET 3235 Flea & Tick Carpet Powder

Many flea control products do not kill all stages of fleas, but this one does, even targeting and eliminating flea eggs and larvae. It manages to be more pleasant than much of the competition though, simply by having a pleasant smell instead of a nasty, lingering scent like many of the other flea products do. Just be warned that this is a very potent set of chemicals, and you need to be sure to vacuum it all up before letting your pets or children into the treated rooms.


  • Provides protection for up to seven months.
  • Effective at getting rid of fleas at any stage of life.
  • No awful smells to deal with.


  • Needs to be vacuumed before you let anyone near the treated area.
  • Can be quite toxic.

Durvet 011-1134 No Bite IGR Flea & Tick House & Carpet Spray

You can use this spray anywhere in your house, including the carpet. It is designed to get rid of both ticks and fleas and work for as long as 120 days. It’s great at penetrating behind and under the furniture in your home to get those fleas and flea eggs that are hiding in hard to reach places.

If you have tried other flea sprays or powders and haven’t had any success, then we suggest using this one due to how thorough it can be. You should know however, that sometimes it just doesn’t do the job and leaves fleas un-bothered. This can be due to environmental factors that can have an effect on the potency of the spray, such as temperature, humidity, etc.


  • Compatible for indoor use.
  • Effective up to 120 days.


  • Indoor use only.
  • Will be effective under certain environmental conditions. It still is a good option though.

Enforcer 20-Ounce Flea Killer for Carpet

With this powder, you can keep things simple. You only need to sprinkle it onto the carpet in the rooms that have fleas and then vacuum it up. Your kids and your pets will be able to play on the carpet immediately afterward. There won’t even be an unpleasant lingering scent. It is scented, but it smells pleasant to most people and not like a lot of the competition that leaves you with a strong, foul odor.


  • Breaks the flea life cycle.
  • Well priced.


  • May not work on all types of pests. Again, this is only relevant if you are looking for an all-in-one product.
  • Not as effective as much of the competition.

What to Consider Before You Buy Any Flea Powder or Spray

Some flea repellants are not worth what they cost. We suggest doing your research and being careful what you pick out to deal with the a flea problem. Here are some things to keep in mind as you try to buy the right one:

  • Reviews- It’s in your best interest to research any pesticides or pest repellents before you buy any. You want to deal with the infestation quickly and decisively, and you can only do that if you are buying a quality product that really works. Take time to read reviews in order to find out how effective the spray or powder was for someone else.
  • Your Carpet- Some flea sprays and powders will actually damage your carpet. Be sure to look at your carpet’s maintenance and care instructions. If you don’t have them, then you can find them online, if you know what kind of carpet you have. Alternatively, look at the instructions on the flea control product you are considering, to see if it contains any warning about what kind of carpets it should and should not be used on.
  • Effective Range- How far does the effectiveness of the flea control product extend? Will you need to spray or apply it to every inch or foot of the carpet? Or can you just spray in a centralized area and expect the chemicals to get rid of fleas in a large radius. Look at the effective range to determine how much you will need to use and how well it will get rid of fleas hiding in the carpet.
  • Pets- You should treat your pets and your carpet at the same time. That way, the fleas have no way to escape. You will need to use different treatments for both your pets and the carpet, so be prepared to do some extra shopping if you have household pets. Don’t expect the carpet spray or powder to do all the work for you and completely eliminate your flea problem.

What to Avoid

There are some flea products that are not safe or not worth your money, and we want to help you avoid those. Watch out for these kinds of products as you shop:

  • Extremely Toxic- Any spray or powder that is too strong can harm you or your pets. It may also leave behind dangerous residue that is tough to get rid of. It is best to use natural or nontoxic methods to remove fleas, especially if you have sensitive family members, small children or house pets.
  • Animal Sensitivities- Some dogs and cats may be sensitive to the chemicals your flea control product contains. Be careful about what you are buying and make sure you know your pet’s sensitivities. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, your pets are at risk for suffering side effects from being near pesticide. The medical problems and allergies that your pet has can directly contribute to what kind of reaction they have to flea powder or spray. Be sure to talk to your veterinarian before you use any flea control products near an animal that is being medicated or treated.
  • Unresearched Chemicals- If the chemicals you are using to put on your carpet and in your home do not come from reputable sources, then you cannot know for sure what kind of effect they will have on your property or to the people and animals that live there. Look at where the chemicals come from and how they are manufactured to determine if they come from a reputable source.
  • Strong Smells- Some flea sprays and powders have very strong odors that they leave behind, even when you clean up after them. You can read reviews and look for details about the odors or just look for flea products that have pleasant scents or are labeled as being unscented.


We hope this comprehensive review of flea powders and sprays for carpets gives you the information you need to deal with your home’s infestation. Maybe one of these products will be just what you need, and you can finally have a home without fleas in it. Just remember, that not all products work the same in different areas. There are many factors at play here, such as different environmental conditions in or around your house, or the kind of fleas that are common around your home. Some types of fleas may be resilient to certain types of products, but not to others. Therefore, if the first product you got doesn’t work for you, just try another one off our list. Eventually you will find a product that will do the trick.

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