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The biggest pests for most horses are flies, and you may notice your horse having to put up with these insects all day long, swatting at them with its head and wiggling its ears just to get them to stop irritating it.

You might not realize that there are chemical sprays you can use to keep flies away from your horse. The word “chemical” has some unpleasant connotations, but there are many pesticide-type fly sprays that are perfectly safe for your horse. You may prefer something more natural, but even so-called “natural fly repellents” can be unsafe for your animal, according to

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Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Repellents for Horses

Not all horses are going to go for shelter as soon as rain starts pouring, nor may your horse be able to make it to shelter in time before getting soaked. You want a fly repellent that will stay on your horse even in wet conditions, and that’s exactly what this spray does. It sticks to your horse to keep flies off for a long time, so you can count on it no matter what the conditions are like outside. It will stay active for up to 14 days, so you don’t need to use it very often. It also protects against other insects. Gnats, mosquitos, ticks and lice will all run away once you start using this spray.

It’s not as potent as some of the big brand name sprays, but that can be a good thing if you don’t want to expose your horse to a bunch of chemicals.


  • Stays on even in rainy conditions
  • Lasts for up to two weeks
  • Repels lots of different pests


  • Not as powerful as some other options

Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray

For those horse owners looking for something that is a bit more natural and even safer for your horse, then this spray by Espree is a good option. It is filled with natural components that nourish your horse’s skin, including aloe vera. Your horse should have a shinier, healthier coat after you use this spray on it for a while.

The downside to all this natural protection, though, is that it isn’t able to protect as well as you might like. The spray itself doesn’t last very long, so you need to spray your horse often to keep flies off. It isn’t as potent as many of the competing products, so expect to see some pests still hanging around, if your horse’s area is not kept very tidy or your horse is not cleaned often.


  • Inexpensive spray
  • Uses natural components
  • Good for your horse’s coat


  • Not very powerful
  • Not as long lasting as most other sprays

Absorbine UltraShield Green Fly Repellent

Absorbine has created a pleasant-smelling fly repellent that is often good at getting rid of flies, but not every customer has been happy with it. There are reports that it doesn’t work, and that it wears off quickly or that a lot of spray needs to be applied before any noticeable change occurs.

There are more potent sprays out there that will keep fleas off your horse much better than this, but they either cost more or contain more potentially dangerous chemicals. People will use this spray to save money and to reduce the chance that they harm their horse with chemicals, but if you want something that’s really effective at keeping the flies away, then you will need to get something more potent.


  • Works for up to 8 hours
  • Can be used on horses of all ages and on dogs
  • Protects your horse’s coat


  • Not always effective

Pyranha Wipe N Spray lists this as one of the most effective horse fly sprays available. This is a spray that is ready to go as soon as you open it. It does not need to be mixed, and it should not take much spray to make a big difference for your horse and the amount of flies you see gathering around it. Many sprays take a lot of spraying to actually start getting rid of pests, but this one from Pyranha works very fast. It repels flies, mosquitos, gnats and other pests rapidly and keeps them away for a while.

If you use too much of it, though, it can start to cake up and mat, which can attract dust and dirt on your horse and keep the spray from being effective like it needs to be. Keep that in mind as you are using this product and know that you only need a little bit of it to keep the flies away. It actually lasts a few days, which makes it a far better value product than a lot of the other options that only last for a few hours.


  • Doesn’t take much to kill off flies
  • Healthy for your horse’s coat
  • Lasts for a long time


  • Can cake up and become very greasy

Absorbine UltraShield EX Brand Residual Insecticide and Repellent

This is another product from Absorbine, and it works even better than the previous one we mentioned. This potent horse spray kills flies fast and continues to work for days and days. It is one of the long-lasting horse fly sprays available, and it is good for your horse’s coat as well.

It’s also a spray that stays on no matter what. Your horse can sweat profusely and be out in the rain and the spray will still adhere to your horse and still be effective. You don’t have to worry about it losing its effectiveness or coming off. Just spray a little bit on your horse’s legs and near its head, and you can take care of most your horse’s fly problems quickly and effectively. This potent spray also gets rid of other pests that can be attracted to horses, so it’s a good all-around horse fly spray.


  • Works fast and lasts a while
  • Stays on no matter what
  • Very powerful spray


  • Potent ingredients can irritate some horses

Farnam Bronco Gold

Here is one of the cheapest horse fly sprays around, and it manages to be fairly effective even at that low price. It kills and repels all sorts of pests- mosquitos, deer flies, gnats and more. It’s not a greasy application, so it won’t cake up and leave a residue behind on your horse after you spray it. It’s also safe enough to use on horses of all ages.

It has a citronella scent that is pleasant for most people but that many pests cannot stand.


  • Pleasant scent
  • Kills a wide range of pests
  • Inexpensive


  • Not as potent as many sprays

Farnam Roll-On Fly Repellent for Horses, Ponies and Dogs

This is one of the safer and more economical fly repellents you can use on your horse. The Roll-On application means that you will have to physically apply the repellent to your horse and its problem areas, but it uses gentle ingredients that should not irritate your horse’s skin or cause any other health problems. It also kills a lot other pests and keeps them away for a while. Even though it is safe for most animals, some horses will react poorly to it (whether it is the smell or the feel of it) and try to rub it off.


  • Cheapest solution by far
  • Easy to use
  • Uses some natural components


  • Horses may not take to it very well

Bronco e Equine Fly Spray

This reasonably priced spray comes ready to use. There is no mixing required, and it is effective at killing a host of different kinds of barnyard pests. Flies, mosquitos and other airborne insects will hate it and either die off or stay far away. You can spray this directly on your horse, or just apply it to the area your horse lives in.

For the price, it is a good value product, but you may find it isn’t as potent as you would like it to be, and in some cases, the flies may hardly seem to be bothered by it. You can try it for yourself and see how it works for you, as many people report it being very effective it, and they choose this over more expensive products that give about the same results for them.


  • Kills many different kinds of pests
  • Ready to use


  • Not the most effective product on the list

Before You Buy

Before you buy any kind of spray or repellent to help your horse to keep away flies, you should consider the following:

  • Your horse may have special needs- Horses with health problems may not be able to handle some of the sprays on the market, even the very best ones. If your horse has any known health problems, consult your veterinarian before using a fly repellent spray.
  • Know the ingredients- You have to be careful with what you spray on your horse, even if it is very healthy. According to, the ingredients vary from one fly spray to another, and some of them are simply not good for horses at all. You need to be aware of what you are spraying and how it can affect your horse and yourself.
  • Consider other tactics- You may need to do more than just spray your horse against flies. It can help to clean your horse’s living area regularly and ensure fresh food is put out and garbage is removed frequently. This can cut down on the fly population and keep you from needing to use any fly spray in the first place.

Final Thoughts

We based our fly spray picks on what we thought were the safest options for most horses, as well as what is affordable and has been reviewed well by horse owners. We hope that that you find what you are looking for among our picks, but you should also know that there are many other options that may work well for you. Just keep in mind the tips we gave you about what to look for in a horse spray and what to consider before you make your purchase.

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