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The key to solving any problem is first identifying it then understanding it. In this case, the problem is lice (singular: louse) but do you know what lice are? To simply put it, lice are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded creatures. The life cycle of a louse goes from egg/nit stage to the nymph stage then finally to the fully grown/adult stage. Although their lifespan is about 50 days, a female in the third stage can lay up to 10 eggs in a day creating a rampant infestation.

In humans, they can either be found on the head which are the most common, body/clothes or pubic hair in which case they are commonly referred to as crabs. Lice are spread through personal contact or sharing of clothes and other should be personal effects. Other than causing discomfort, lice are generally harmless with the exception of the body lice which have sometimes been known to cause diseases.

Now that you understand what lice are how do you get rid of them? Well, this article’s aim is to review some of the lice removal products on the market that could just be what you need to make this problem disappear. These products are:

Lice Lifters Head Lice Treatment Kit (lice shampoo)

The product aims at not only removing the lice but also killing the nits (eggs) before they hatch and cause yet another outbreak. The package contains a micro teethed comb that you use to scrape off your scalp after applying the hair-removing lice and nit treatment.


  • Simple ‘how to use’ instructions
  • The whole process of lice removal takes less than 10 minutes
  • Safe to use as it has no pesticides or chemicals
  • It has no irritating fragrance/scent
  • Takes 2 years to expire so you can use it over and over again


  • Leaves your hair feeling greasy/oily but thoroughly shampooing your hair should help
  • Costly compared to other similar products, costs around $40
  • Only removes head lice
  • They offer no refunds but if the product has a problem you can return it and get another sent back.

A huge percentage of people that have used the product claim it worked for them, so it is worth a try as it just might do the trick.

Clearlice Natural Head Lice Treatment Kit

The Clearlice family size kit does justice to its name as it comes with 2 shampoos, 2 conditioners, 2 household sprays, 2 enzyme laundry concentrate bottles, 2 shower caps, and 1 closely grooved comb. Each of the products is made with natural ingredients and safe to use.


  • It is an economic lice removal plan as the whole kit costs a little under $180
  • Removes lice and nit from your hair, clothes and affected areas of your home.
  • Can be sufficiently used by the whole family
  • Easy instructions on each product
  • Its peppermint scent gives off a fresh natural feel


  • May cause skin irritation in some people
  • None of the products remove crabs or body lice
  • They offer no refunds

Following the instructions while using all products may increase your chances of getting positive results.

Nit Free Lice Treatment Kit

This is another multiproduct kit containing oils, shampoos, a conditioner, nit free enzyme mousse, lice terminator combs, hair detangling combs, and sprays. Most if which will come in twos except the conditioner and the Kleen-Free additive. The plan not only takes curative measures but also preventive ones to avoid any future lice problems.


  • Quite affordable pricing, a little over $70
  • It contains after products you can use for your hair even after the lice are gone
  • Used for head lice removal and those in the clothes, and furniture


  • Crabs and body lice are not covered even with this many products
  • The instructions might be difficult to understand
  • ‘Do it yourself’ might not be thoroughly efficient and you might need someone else to help.
  • If you are going for a fair budget plan this might be the ideal one for you and hopefully the effective as well.

V-Comb, FDA Registered Allergy and Chemical Free Head Lice Treatment

The V-Comb is an electric comb that removes nit and lice by sucking them inside disposable capture filters that allow for safe and disgust-free discard. These filters should be 4 in the package. Notably, V-Comb prides itself on being the most advanced lice comb technology today. The comb is suitable for use by the whole family.


  • No dangers from chemical contamination or skin irritability as it is both pesticide free and allergen free
  • Can be continually reused so long as you charge it
  • Gentle on your skin and scalp due to its suction techniques and rounded stainless steel comb
  • Removes lice in every stage including super lice’ the kind that has become immune to most chemical products.
  • Costs around $60 and allows for a total refund if it does not work as promised.
  • Simple instructions
  • The 240 voltage can function on a 220 volt


  • They only stock the V-Combs with a 120 voltage for the US.
  • The comb’s teeth are too close together for thick hair to easily pass thorough
  • Does not remove lice on your clothes and affected home areas so you might still need to buy other lice removal products
  • You will have to buy extra filters once the 4 are disposed off

If the good aspects outweigh the bad in your book and chemical treatments have been a disappointment, then maybe you should give it a try.

RID Complete Lice Elimination 3 Item Kit

This 3 step treatment procedure has valued itself as America’s most used product in reference to hair removal. The process usually entails the use of products that have scientifically proven to kill lice. The package has a lice removal shampoo, a comb-out spray, a dust mite and bedbug spray and lastly their very own comb.


  • Provides a solution for both head and furniture lice
  • Elaborate instructions
  • Cheap, it will cost you close to $18


  • It has chemicals that may cause irritability in persons with sensitive skin
  • Cannot be used on children below 2
  • Treatment takes days to complete
  • The hair products are only enough for one head
  • Yo do not get a refund after purchase

There you have it folks, our top 5 products that could be the answer to what you have been in search for. Taking into consideration how many people need to be treated, go through them again and see which one seems more befitting for your situation. Good luck.