Best Mice Repellents

When you see a mouse scampering across your kitchen floor, you should know that it usually isn’t alone. According to Good Housekeeping, there are almost always some more mice hiding in your home.

Mince can carry bacteria and a variety of diseases that can be harmful to you, your family and your pets. You’ll want to be rid of them just as soon as possible, and we will show you some of the best mice repellent products on the market today.

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Best Rated Mice Repellents Reviewed

Now, we want to list some of the best mice repellant products you can buy. Hopefully, you’ll find one here that gets rid of your pest problem for good.

Pet Soldier Mice Repellent

If you want to keep the mice away without leaving any harmful chemicals behind or creating an unpleasant smell, then Pet Soldier has you covered. This natural spray uses oils to ward off mice instead of traps or toxins. This kind of repellent is ideal for people who have small children or pets in the house, as you don’t have to worry about them ingesting something toxic.

The product has been designed using a scent that is proven to repel mice. They simply hate being around the smell, even though it is pleasant for humans. You can also pray it indoors or outdoors and it will still be effective.


  • Works anywhere
  • Uses no toxins
  • Keeps mice away for good


  • May not work on rats

Pest Reject Plug in Repellent

If you want to go the ultrasonic route, you can try Pest Reject’s wall mounted emitter. This releases a high frequency sound that irritates mice enough that they should stay far away.

You won’t be able to hear it, and it should not bother your cats or dogs, if you have any. For very large rooms or for multiple rooms, you will need to get additional units, as the range on this is only up to about 1,000 square feet.

The ultrasonic tone is designed to repel not just mice, but rats, spiders, mosquitos and a host of other pests. However, you may not see the same success rate with larger animals as you do with something small like mice.

You should expect results in a couple of weeks, and how long it takes will depend on the severity of the infestation. Most all the pests are likely to leave at once, but if you don’t see any significant results in a few weeks, you an always return the product for a full refund.


  • Priced affordably
  • Won’t bother pets
  • No chemicals to deal with


  • Won’t work well in some areas and on some vermin

BONAZZA Rodent Repellent

Another sonic repellent, this device comes with a few different setting levels. So, if the first one isn’t providing the results you want, you can always increase the frequency and repel pests even faster.

It’s not likely to work well outdoors, as BONAZZA’s device is made for large, indoor areas. Once you do get the mice out, you need to seal up their entry and exit points, as recommends.

You should start to see rodents leaving in just over a week, but you probably won’t have seen the last of them until two to three weeks after you plug in the repellent.

This kit comes with two speakers, so you can target two rooms of the house or put them both in a very large room. The design of the room and the type of materials your home is made from will determine how effective these speakers are and how quickly they will get rid of rodents for you.


  • Multiple settings for improved effectiveness
  • Comes with two devices
  • Gets rid of lots of pests


  • It can take a while to get rid of all the pests
  • May not work on larger pests

HappiNest Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller

Using the latest technology, this ultrasonic emitter from HappiNest is powerful enough to get rid of a wide array of pests in your home. You may see more pests show up at first, but that’s to be expected. That just means that they are trying to find their way out of your home as they are upset by the ultrasonic waves.

This emitter is made using high quality materials, and it is very simple to use. All you need to do is plug it in and then start watching the pests scamper.

They hate the noise it emits. The only real downside to using this particular emitter is that it is not effective over a very long range. Compared to some of the other options here, its range is a bit smaller, and you need to be aware of that as you pick the best one for you.


  • No chemical required
  • So easy to use
  • Just needs a plug to work


  • Short range of effectiveness

Pest Reject Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

This 2018 model is fitted with some new features not found in past Pest Reject products. It is powerful enough that you should only need one device per room for effective repelling. It also works very simply. You only have to plug it in for it to function. You don’t need to add in any chemicals or sprays, and there are never any parts to replace or refill.

The newer and upgraded version has a more powerful sonic emitter that will chase away pests like mice and roaches fast but not cause any harm or disturbance to cats and dogs. You and your family definitely won’t be able to hear it.

As with any ultrasonic emitter, though, it needs to be close to the pests to drive them away, and if you don’t have enough of these in your house, then you can end up just driving the pests to a corner of the home. It also may not work very well in larger pests, such as rats.


  • Works as far as 1,200 square feet
  • Very easy to use
  • Won’t harm your pets
  • Works on lots of household pests


  • More expensive than the competition
  • Larger pests may not be bothered by it

What to Know before You Buy

Don’t just go off and buy some pest control items without doing the research first, though. You want something that will be effective, and we would like to point out a few things to keep in mind as you try to pick the right one.

  • Make sure it works– Read the reviews and find out what other people have said about the product before you buy. There are lots of so-called mouse repellent products that just don’t work. As pest control experts Ehrlich point out, most natural repellants are not very successful.
  • Make sure it is safe– If you have pets or small children in your home, you have to be careful about what kind of mouse repellent you use. You don’t want them to get ahold of something poisonous, and some sonic repellents may bother your pets.
  • You need something specific to mice– If the poison or repellent you are using is something general, such as insecticide or a vermin repellent, it might not work on mice. It could not be attractive enough for them to take the bait or it might not be strong enough to kill a mouse.

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