Best Termite Killers and Sprays

If you are seeing holes in the wood in your house or you feel that the wood is becoming hollow, then you might have termites in your home.

Look for discarded termite wings, signs of flying termites (which are sent out by the colony to find a new home) and listen for the munching and banging sounds that termites make inside wood.

These are sure indicators that there are termites hiding in your home.

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To get rid of termites, you will have to poison their nest and kill both the adults and the eggs. There are some great products that can do just that, but you should only be buying the best ones.

Best Rated Termite Killers and Sprays Reviewed

Here are a few products that should work very well in getting rid of the termites in your home. We have chosen the very best products from what is available on the market today.

Cedar Bug-Free Termiticide

This is one of the most effective termite sprays out there, primarily because it is designed to be used on the exterior of the wood, but it also penetrates to the interior. It can move through even thick wood to kills termites and their eggs. On top of that, Cedar Bug-Free’s spray is designed to kill a large variety of pests beyond just termites.

One of the best aspects of this particular spray is that it is made with mostly natural ingredients that make it safe for your children and pets while still killing termites and other pests effectively. It won’t stain, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors.


  • Kills lots of different kinds of termites and other bugs
  • Works for a very long time
  • Gets deep into the wood to kill pests effectively


  • Kind of expensive

BASF Termidor SC Termiticide

This is a concentrated solution that you’ll need to mix with water to create a powerful pesticide. You can use it as a barrier to keep pests from coming inside your home, and it works better as a preventative measure than for something to get rid of an interior infestation. That’s because this is so potent that it is not designed to be used indoors.

Termidor’s pest spray is very effective against ants, termites and a host of other pests. It’s often used by professional pest control contractors, and it is one of the most commonly used pesticides for exterior pest elimination. It lasts for months, but as with any termite control solution, you will likely need to use it again once it wears off to keep new termites from entering your home.


  • Yields tons of pesticide
  • Kills a wide variety of pests
  • Used by professional pest control companies


  • Can’t be used indoors

Bayer 03780574 Premise Foam Termiticide

This permeating foam can be used on and around termites and their nests. You don’t have to know exactly where the termite nest is for this to work, as the foam can penetrate the wood and kill termites fast. It’s also fine to use on carpenter bees and ants of all varieties.

This foam works well for a few months, but you will need to go back and spray again after several months. How soon you need to respray depends on your environmental conditions and how bad the infestation is. As says, liquid termite treatments like this are the ones that will work the fastest, and they are ideal for instances where you cannot see or access the termite nest.


  • Lasts for months
  • Works quickly


  • Won’t allow termites to carry poison back to the nest

Spectracide Terminate Termite Killing Foam2

This expanding foam spray works wonders on those areas where you can’t quite reach with other sprays and treatments. This is an indoor and outdoor termite treatment, and it comes with an attachable nozzle that allows you to spray deep inside termite holes and directly onto their nest. It fills gaps in the wood to get all the termites and ensure that they don’t come back to bother you.

Because of how potent the Spectracide spray is, you will need to be careful about where you spray it. Be sure to keep the spray away from food areas and space where animals or small children frequent. If any of the spray gets into those areas, you will need to clean it up.


  • Inexpensive, yet effective
  • Nozzle lets you reach hard-to-get areas
  • Expands as you spray to fall in cracks and crevices


  • Won’t work on underground infestations
  • You can’t use it around food, pets or children

Terro Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer Aerosol Spray

Because this spray kills on contact, the termites and ants won’t be bringing the poison back to the nest. They will die where they are, and you will have to find the nest yourself to ensure that everything there is eliminated. However, this spray is very effective against anything you use it on. You won’t see termites just shrug it off and keep on walking.

There is a precision nozzle attachment that allows you to get deep into the wood and reach the nest even when you can’t see it for yourself. You will be able to spray into cracks and holes in the walls that other treatment methods may not be able to reach.


  • Kills on contact
  • Comes with precision nozzle


  • Only lasts for a few weeks

What to Know before You Buy

In order to get rid of termites, you will need the right treatment method. We want to give you a few warnings to consider before you purchase any termite killer. If you buy the wrong kind of spray or treatment, then you can end up wasting your money.

  • Use proven solutions- You should read reviews for any products you are considering buying, because you want to be sure that they will be effective. Not all termite sprays really get the job done.
  • Buy a lot of termite spray- According to, termites are an ongoing problem and you will need to be fighting them out of your home for  a while before you finally get rid of them.
  • Use the right product- There are a number of different termite types that could invade your home. Make sure that the spray or other treatment method you are planning to use can deal with the specific kind of termite that is in your home.
  • Make sure you actually have termites- Just because there are holes in your home’s wood, that doesn’t mean that you have termites. You may also be mistaking the ants crawling around your home for termites, so be certain you are identifying your pests correctly to be able to deal with them effectively.

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