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  1. Susan Reply

    I have haditching all over and have found tiny black bugs on my body and on the furniture, floor.Could these be fleas? I have had them since January.I have used Permethrin cream4 or 5 times, but still have them.Bites all over my back and shoulders.Seems like they scab over and bug inside.What could these be?Thanks

  2. Susan Williams Reply

    My new tenant has been living in my WI duplex for 16 days with a cat, two dogs and a guinea pig.Dogs go out side to backyard.Cat may go out as well.I didn’t know about the guinea pig before she moved in.She claims it was a gift to her daughter from her sister who was visiting from KS.

    Prior tenant had a cat that did not go out.Carpet was professionally cleaned.There are no curtains/drapes, no throw rugs.

    Today new tenant reports that one of her dogs went to vet today and fleas were discovered.She claims duplex was infested and problem is my responsibility?I see no reason to think that the duplex is the source.Back yard perhaps?Am I missing something?

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