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Getting rid of fleas from inside your home and off your pets is not the end of the story when it comes to removing fleas. As long as fleas are on the outside of your home, in your lawn, there is a big chance that your free roaming dog or cat would catch fleas all over again. It is therefore necessary to remove fleas from your yard and from your lawn furniture as well. We are talking about getting rid off these parasites from
the entire premises, inside and out.

Fleas breed in humid, shady and moist areas where there is debris that is more organic or where pets frequent. The flea larvae do not survivewhen flooded with water.

How to Get Rid of Fleas


Therefore, the easiest way to get rid of fleas from your lawn is to flood the entire lawn periodically to kill the parasites. The water also washes off the feces of adult fleas on which the larvae survive. In the rainy season, nature takes care of the problem. During a dry season, we have to cut the grass, remove weeds and debris from the lawn and flood it periodically to prevent fleas from breeding as well as to kill the fleas.

The doghouse would need thorough disinfecting just like the inside of the house. Spraying with non-toxic flea remover should be carried out regularly. If strong insecticides are used the dog may not be allowed to use the doghouse for a few days until the effect of the insecticides has faded. Not only do you need to disinfect the doghouse, but also any outdoor furniture. Fleas can and will jump on soft furniture and leave behind larvae that need to be killed.

If the flea problem is still persistent then the use of beneficial nematodes is advisable. The nematodes feed on flea larvae but are harmless to humans. They are used as sprays and cause no damage to trees and plants. The use of pesticides should be considered but keep in mind that the pesticide used should be environmental friendly. Using a pesticide over the entire yard or lawn is unnecessary and expensive.

Where Fleas are found

normally in areas where animals frequent, around the doghouse, under the
porch, garage, patios and of course your lawn furniture especially if you’re using a quality rear tine tiller. So using insecticides in these areas is all you should need. However, it might be necessary to use an insecticide over the entire back yard if you leave your pet outdoors in a fenced in area. If your pet is free to roam in a certain area, this area can have fleas.

Insecticide should be applied to the areas every 2-3 weeks during the dry season to remove fleas completely. Be careful to cover your self completely to prevent any fleas from jumping onto your body. Wear protective gear that covers completely up to your waist. Be careful when dealing with insecticides. They may be toxic and keep them away from children. If you would prefer, you can always hire a pesticide professional. They know the exact areas in which fleas love to live and will know how often to use the pesticide to rid your lawn of these annoying fleas.

4 thoughts on “Fleas In Yard & Fleas in Lawns

  1. diana wilson Reply

    well it is pouring rain here so the fleas will be dead in my backyard.
    when should I apply the pesticide?
    first year I have fleas in the house even though dogs are protected.
    fleas coming in on their tailcoats I suppose.

  2. Jenny Bakacsi Reply

    I live next to the reserve in the Royal national park. I have no pets but the side of the house is frequented by wild deers every day. I was told that the deers bring the fleas. Prior to moving to my current house a year ago – I have never come across these irritating pests before – now my arms and legs are scarred from flea bites. Can you please let me know if there is any prevention method for humans to repel fleas. I’m planting some lavenders and rue so hopefully they will be repel them naturally. There are no collars or bands or bracelets for human use and I would love to have such options that work.
    Thank you

  3. Stephanie Whittemore Reply

    I’ve sprayed the house and used stuff on my lawn and even washed my dogs in dawn, sprinkled salt on the floors. Don’t know what else I can do.

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