Last Updated: February 20, 2018

    1. Plant the herb, ‘ Pennyroyal ‘, around your home or kennel, it repels fleas. You may also wish to grow and keep the inside your home or apartment.
    2. Bathe pets in a mixture of warm water and ‘ DAWN Lemon Scented Liquid Soap ‘. ‘ DAWN Lemon Scented Liquid soap ‘ is a great flea killer and repellent.
    1. If you have fleas coming inside, or notice them just outside your door, sprinkle a little ‘ Twenty Mule Team Borax Soap ‘, on the grass and lawn in this area.
    2. Pieces of Cedar Wood (chips) placed in the corners of rooms, under furniture and under a pets bedding keeps fleas away. The Cedar Chips placed next to a home or apartments, the doors, etc, also acts as a barrier to keep fleas out.
  1. Spray the kids and any family members legs and feet with original ‘ Avon SKIN SO SOFT Bath Oil Spray ‘, it has proven that this is a great product to keep fleas away and to stop them from biting.
  2. Instead of using strong chemicals and sprays on pets, some folks have great luck using ‘ Essential oils ‘, such as Lavender and Citronella to keep fleas away. The oils also have a healing and soothing effect on the pets skin, they help the skin and hair to detoxify and regenerate.
  3. Eucalyptus Leaves work very well for keeping fleas away, and they can be purchased online or at many health-food stores and even at some of the larger craft stores.
  4. Lemon spray repellent- try a fresh lemon. it’s a natural remedy that advises cutting a lemon into quarters, cover with boiling water, and let it sit overnight. the next day, spray the mixture on your cat or dog. make sure it does not get in his eyes, but do try to aim the spray at behind his ears, around and along the tail, and under his legs and paws. If your dog can’t tolerate spray, try rubbing the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon or orange on your dog or cat’s fur. Try to use fresh citrus and not citrus essential oil, which can be dangerous to your furry friend.

8 thoughts on “Natural Flea Remedies & Natural Flea Killer

  1. shelby Reply

    What about mites, how do I get rid of mites from a cat off of me out of me and out of my house once and for all. Please help ? Don’t have a cat but it visited.

  2. Kelly Reply

    Do NOT use essential oils on cats. They are very sensitive. If you plan to use them on your dog, do plenty of research about diluting them, etc. Essential oils can be very effective and they can cause harm if not used correctly.

  3. Ethel Reply

    What can I use that is a home remedy to rid of flees on my porch and in yard? i don’t have pets…but the flees are from strays that come through and the neighbors cat

  4. Matt Reply

    Hi. Thanks for the helpful hints. You just might want to be careful of suggesting that people use essential oils on their pets, especially cats, as they can actually be deadly for them.

  5. Rolo Reply

    Thank you very much. After reading this article (& a few others) I used a Chinese medicated oil containing Eucalyptus and Citronella (Cang Moa Yew), and I have to say it does help repels the fleas. Thanks!

  6. Patricia Williamson Reply

    some good info – I’m going to try the borax & cedar wood chips; thnx — I used eucalyptus oil and nothing helped with that

  7. Patricia Williamson Reply

    good ideas — gonna try ALL before I bomb w/chemicals; thnx

  8. Hannie Marques Reply

    Good day
    Can you perhaps help with a remedy for scàbies mites. I have had it for 9 months and tried every medicine possible and every household product recommended to me. Please help.

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