Termite Extermination Near Me

Termite Extermination Near Me

Although there are methods for eliminating termites on your own, a large, out of control termite population is best handled by a professional termite exterminator. Though there may be many pest control companies in your area, selecting the right one can be a somewhat daunting task. Here, we share some tips for selecting a competent exterminator who can eliminate your termite infestation once and for all.


As you begin your search for a qualified termite exterminator, look beyond fancy vehicles and catchy advertisements. While these are nice and while they are often indicators that an extermination business is successful, they are not true indicators of reputation.

Begin by checking to ensure that the extermination company you’re considering is licensed, and be sure that employees are properly trained and certified in accordance with your state’s regulations. These qualifications are not just business licenses! They are typically specific licenses that allow companies to perform extermination services, and they’re normally issued by state or local pest control agencies or by state or local agriculture departments. In Canada, licensure is provided by provincial pest control regulatory authorities.

Do not hesitate to ask potential candidates for proof of licensure or certification. In addition, ensure the company you’re considering carries liability insurance – most states require it. Ask to see the declarations portion of the company’s policy and if a large company is self-insured, find out about their financial responsibility policies.

While you’re in the process of vetting pest control companies, find out how long the companies you are considering have been in business. Stability does matter!

Once you have narrowed your list of candidates down to a manageable size, go check reputation sites like Angie’s list, Home Advisor, or another similar site where people have left details about their personal experience with the termite extermination companies you’re considering.

In addition, consider working with a member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). To verify that a company is a member, go to www.pestworld.org. There are also state and local pest control organizations; if the company you’re considering is a member of one of these, they may or may not have chosen to be an NPMA member. Membership in pest management associations boosts credibility. It’s up to you to decide whether that is important or not.


Once you’ve narrowed your list of potential termite exterminators down further, it’s time to conduct price checks if you have not done so already. Avoid working with a company that won’t give you a menu of services or provide you with a quality estimate up-front. At the same time, recognize that exterminators can’t provide exact prices until they have determined the extent of your problem. Some companies do provide free termite evaluations and cost-free inspections. Consider having a few of these companies look into your termite problem and then compare the detailed estimates these companies provide. If you have questions about procedures or what is included, now is the time to ask.


Some extermination companies offer guarantees or warranties, while others do not. Termite re-infestation is a real problem, and getting a warranty is one of the best ways to ensure that your property remains termite-free in the future. While you’re looking into guarantees, see if the warranties offered by the companies you’re considering are renewable or not. With a renewable warranty, you can choose to update the warranty at a much lower rate than you’d pay to start the termite extermination process all over again in the event termites do return.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to find a qualified, reputable termite exterminator you can trust – and in a short time, your property will be termite free.


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  1. Frank Delaware Reply

    A friend of mine has been thinking about hiring someone to come take care of the termites in his house, but he wasn’t sure how to find the right person. I really like that you say to see if the company offers a warranty. It would be nice to know that they are willing to fix the problem if it should arise.

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