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Anyone who has had pets for very long knows how troublesome fleas can be to deal with. These tiny pests cause itching in animals and humans alike. They can also cause dermatitis, infections, diseases, anemia and more, according to Pet MD. We are going to show you some products that can get rid of fleas fast and ensure your pets and your family are safe from these tiny home intruders.

What to Know before Buying Indoor Flea Killers

Not every indoor flea killer is on the same level– Some of them will simply not be very effective. You need a flea killer that can get into the small spaces, under your furniture, behind the curtains and deep into the carpets.

You want to be able to kill fleas wherever they may be hiding, and in order to do that, you need an effective spray or other type of treatment.

Prepare for multiple treatments says you will need to perform a few treatments before you can be sure you have killed all the fleas. The first treatment may only get the ones that are out in the open, while further treatments will ensure you get fleas that are cocooned or otherwise protected from earlier efforts.

It needs to kill cocooned fleas- You should look for flea killer products that specifically guarantee the elimination of cocooned fleas and flea eggs. If you can eliminate those, then the rest of the fleas should not be a problem.

It can kill other bugs as well– It’s okay if you get a flea killer that also repels or eliminates spiders, roaches and other pests in your home. Sometimes, what works for one bug works for another as well.

Best Rated Indoor Flea Killers

Let’s look at several of the top flea killers that you can use in your home.

Raid Flea Killer for Home and Dogs

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This is a spray you can use directly on your pets. A lot of flea sprays require that you perform a flea dip on your pet and then keep your pets out of the room while you treat the area, but this one is designed to be perfectly safe for your pet. Raid’s longstanding reputation as one of the best pest control brands on the market makes this a good buy, and the reviews back that up.

To top it all off, the spray is made to leave no unpleasant odor or stains behind, so no one will even have to know you used it.


  • Can be sprayed directly onto your dog
  • No cleanup
  • No smell


  • Won’t always kill flea eggs

Wondercide Flea and Tick and Mosquito Control Spray

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This natural spray is made without harmful chemicals. That means that it is safe to spray on your pets, your clothes and even your skin. It works wonders against fleas, killing them in adult, egg and other stages of their lifecycle. It may not work as well on other pests, though, particularly ticks, which can be a bit hardier.

One thing that some pet owners have against Wondercide’s spray is that it can be very pungent. The smell can be particularly unpleasant for dogs with their sensitive olfactory abilities. You may want to sample the product before fully committing to it to see how your pets react.

You will need to spray it directly on affected animals or areas of the home, since it does not travel like a foam spray. That means it only works on small areas at a time, and you may go through the bottle quickly as you try to eliminate pests in your home.


  • Effective against fleas at every stage of life
  • Won’t harm your pets
  • Kills more than just fleas
  • Made with natural ingredients


  • Can smell unpleasant, especially for dogs
  • Not as effective on ticks

Pet Products House Killing Fleas and Ticks Peppermint Oil & Clove Extract

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Another natural product, this one is made with a very pleasant scent that your pets should not mind at all. It has been designed to be very safe to use on and around pets and children. You can spray it on your bedding as well, which is important, since fleas like to hang out there, according to

You can use this spray to get rid of not just fleas, but also mosquitos and many other household pests. How effective it will be will depend on the environment and the level of flea infestation you have in your home. This is probably not the best spray to use on flea eggs and cocooned fleas, but it can get rid of anything you spray it on directly.


  • Priced affordably
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant scent


  • Not as effective as other similar sprays

Flea & Tick Repellent & Infestation Control Spray by Pet Diesel

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A lot of flea and tick sprays have to be used every week or so, just to ensure that all the pests are eliminated. This one from Pet Diesel gets rid of fleas fast and keeps them away for up to a month. As with most of the sprays we covered already, this one contains few toxic chemicals, making it fairly safe to use around pets and kids.

At the same time, since it incredibly effective, a single treatment can really last. You get a lot of value for your money with Pet Diesel’s flea and tick killer, and you don’t have to spray in concentrated bursts over the target area. You just spray once around the house and then forget about the fleas while the spray does the work.


  • Works quickly and effectively
  • Only needs to be used once every 30 days
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Not as natural as some other options

Bonide Ready to use Bedbug Killer

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If you want a powerful flea killer, then Bonide’s spray is the way to go. It is very potent, and that means it comes with a strong smell and some chemicals that may not be pleasant to be around, but it does get the job done. You won’t have to worry about those fleas for a long time, and it doesn’t take much of the spray to coat an area thoroughly and ensure that all fleas and their eggs are eliminated.

You will want to ventilate the area after using this spray, but you should not have to go back and spray again after a week or two. Few flea killers work as quickly and as effectively.


  • Very affordably priced
  • Gets rids of bugs for a long time
  • Incredibly potent


  • Not as safe for pets and kids as other pest sprays
  • Powerful scent

Final Thoughts

If you’ve got a flea infestation in or around your home, you’re going to want to get rid of it as quickly and effectively as possible. Only people who’ve endured flea infestations will understand how horrible such an intrusion can be, and to what lengths you’d be willing to go to get rid of it. Luckily, there are a few treatment options that will do the job well.

Whether you need a powerful, more chemical-based spray to treat your house or some outdoor area right next to it, or just need a light spray around the house to keep things in check, one of the products listed above will do. Just be sure to use it according to instructions and on a regular basis, so as to catch all those fleas that escaped the first treatment. That way, you will enjoy a flea-free home for years to come.

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