Fleas on People – Fleas on Humans

Last Updated: December 30, 2016

Most people realize that fleas in their home and on their pets can be a real nuisance. Not only do these mischievous little creatures cause itching for both man and beast, but they also cause embarrassment. There is nothing more humiliating then going to work or at a restaurant where your sitting right beside other people, and you scratch your head or move your arm, to reveal a flea crawling on your skin, for others to see.

There is a common misconception by a lot of so called experts that fleas do not, or will not live on humans. This is not true, there is a species of fleas called: Human Fleas that do and will live on humans, in their hair. I am not talking about lice, but fleas.

Fleas need warmth, food and shelter to live and be happy where they are. A person who does not bathe or shower frequently or wash their hair with shampoo, is a great host for fleas. And even folks that do keep themselves very clean still provide a temporarily home for flea pests. Fleas love blood, in fact it’s their food. Humans as well as pets need blood to live, and the blood both humans and pets have, also serves as a tasty food to the fleas. Fleas don’t care if they get food from a pet or a human, they love the blood of both.

A lot of folks think the fleas don’t hang around people because they lack the same living conditions as pets do, this is not true. Pets have a lot more hair then humans, but humans have hair also, most have hair on their heads, some have a lot others have none. Humans also have hair under their arms, and in other private places. All of these places provide a little bit of shelter for human fleas to hide and live comfortably.

Flea Shampoo for Humans

Taking a daily shower, using shampoo and soap easily kills human fleas and removes them off our bodies. Most flea shampoos are designed for dogs, but there are a few that work well for people as well.

Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Special Shampoo is a good choice, but this generic tea tree shampoo is just as good for a portion of the price. Eucalyptus oil is a deterrent to fleas as well and Dr. Bronner’s is a good choice there. Finally, I am not a doctor and if you do this, it is 100% at your own risk, but flea shampoos for dogs contain roughly the same ingredients as lice shampoo for people and individuals with high exposure to ticks will sometimes use dog shampoos like Adam’s on themselves. Again, if you do that – I am not a doctor or physician and it’s at your own risk!!!

But besides lack of hair, humans have something that provides fleas the same shelter, clothing. Since clothing covers most of our bodies, it acts just like the hair of a pet to a flea, providing a very large place to live. Changing and washing our clothes in hot water, and drying them in a dryer, easily kills fleas and their eggs.

13 thoughts on “Fleas on People – Fleas on Humans”

  1. I try to get rid of human fleas for 2 years now. Wash clothes every day, hoover, poison, fogger, teatree oil, freezing clothes… I am allergic against them and it is hard to sleep. I tried special earth, and lots of other things, shaved hair, wash hair 4 times a day, shower often… what else can I do? They are smaller than cat fleas but the allergic reaction is very strong. I can not breath when some bite me and antihistaminica do not help.

  2. I have been dealing with a flea infestation for over a year the doctors don’t believe me because they say that fleas bite their host and leave well that’s not true I have spent thousands of dollars what Dawn dishwashing liquid dishwashing and a whole lot of other things I’ve tried cannot seem to get rid of them because if you get in a tub of water they leave the bottom of your body and go up to your face laver and pupa and the flea got in beaded in to top layer of your skin because your skin is not as touch as a dog’s skin I just don’t know what else to do I want go around anyone due to them hoping can you help

  3. I need help please. I didn’t realize my dog had fleas until I got them. I took a shower right away. Did this help in any way?

  4. I am going out of my mind. My grandson and I both have what I believe to be fleas. I cant get rid of them. We are not dirty and we.shower daily and wash our hair daily. They crawl.all over us and they are all over my house. I wash the bed clothe’s daily and our clothes get dried at high heat before we put them on and same for our pajamas. HELP

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